Hello There

I do Architecture

An Architect is one who designs buildings and places for people to reside in,

also an architect is one s responsible for inventing or realizing a particular idea or project.

I do architectural designs, 3d rednerings and Visualization Videos. I am not a licensed architect.

I have been in love with architecture since the age of 9. I still have my drawings from then (someday I'll share)

What I have here is a collection of all my good stuff I have designed, yes I said just the good stuff!

I have some older things from when I was learning that I will share when I start my design blog. I have allot o' stuff!

So you came here, now what? You probably came here because I sent you a link to come here

I want to show you what I do this as an Independent Contractor. I want to help clients visualize their dreams!

I can help Architects, Land Developers, Contractors, Landscape Designers, Game Designers, Movie Designers,

Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Custom Home Builders, Toy Designers, just regular folk...


Check out my work, both in 3d and design (I developed this site) I am multi-talented.

Check out some Work I have done for Clients

Custom Designed Homes!

These are my most popular and favorite custom designs

Check out the Custom Designs

3d in motion! Check my videos!

Custom made videos to help visualize Architectural Concepts!

Check out my Videos!

I also Design Commercial Buildings

Custom Commercial Designs, or additions to already made buildings

Check out the Commercial Designs

Interior Design work? Well of course!

Custom designed interiors, for homes and commercial / retail spaces

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